Thorwald Alef (1896-1974)

Thorwald Alef was a painter and sculptor from Jönköping in southern Sweden. He was educated at Althins Målarskola and at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm during the years 1917 to 1922. He is represented at Nationalmuseum, among others. His public works include a bust of Ragnar Östberg at Stockholm City Hall, the sculpture “Musica” at Wennergren Center and “Smålandsflickorna” in Jönköping. Thorwald Alef collaborated with Estrid Ericson and designed a number of decorative items for Svenskt Tenn in the late 1920s.

Literature: Estrid Ericson – Svenska arkitekter och formgivare. Christian Björk, Orosdi-Back, 2011