• Thorwald Alef (1896-1974)

    Thorwald Alef was a painter and sculptor from Jönköping in southern Sweden. He was educated at Althins Målarskola and at… Read More

  • Anders B. Liljefors (1923-1970)

    Anders B. Liljefors was a Swedish ceramicist, sculptor and painter. He spent a total of ten years at Gustavsberg, first… Read More

  • Henning Koppel (1918-1981)

    Henning Koppel’s pioneering, organic designs in silver for Georg Jensen are in timeless demand with their bold, magnificently executed plastic… Read More

  • Birger Kaipiainen (1915-1988)

    Birger Kaipiainen was Finland’s foremost ceramic artist of the midcentury period, whose unique style gave him world renown. His unique… Read More

  • Karl Gustav Hansen (1914-2002)

    Karl Gustav Hansen was one of Denmark’s most distinguished silversmiths of the Scandinavian Modern period. He created modernist designs of… Read More

  • Olle Ohlsson (1928-)

    Olle Ohlsson is a Swedish silversmith with a unique artistic expression that pushes limits. Trained as an artisan before studying… Read More

  • Berndt Friberg (1899-1981)

    Berndt Friberg was a Swedish ceramicist, renowned for his stoneware vases and vessels for Gustavsberg. His pure, composed designs with satiny,… Read More

  • Erik Höglund (1932-1998)

    Erik Höglund was one of Sweden’s foremost glass artists, whose innovative designs and glass making techniques revolutionized the scene of… Read More

  • Anna Petrus (1886-1949)

    Anna Petrus was a Swedish sculptor, industrial designer and dancer with a unique, powerful artistic expression, renowned for her designs… Read More

  • Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

    Gunnar Nylund was one of the most influential ceramicists and designers of the Swedish mid-century period. He was Rörstrand’s creative… Read More

  • Carl-Harry Stålhane (1920-1990)

    Carl-Harry Stålhane was one of the stars among Swedish ceramic artists during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, whose designs are just as highly… Read More

  • Sylvia Stave (1908-1994)

    Sylvia Stave was a prominent contributor to Swedish Modern design with her immaculate, sober designs in pewter. She became lead designer of… Read More

  • Ingeborg Lundin (1921-1992)

    Ingeborg Lundin was a Swedish glass artist, whose 1950s and 1960s designs are among the most influential of that era. Lundin got her education… Read More

  • Ibe Dahlquist (1924-1996)

    Inga-Britt “Ibe” Dahlquist is one of Sweden’s most interesting modernist silversmiths, originally from the island of Gotland.  She had her breakthrough… Read More

  • Carl-Axel Beijbom (1909-1971)

    The story of the striking elmwood tables from C. A. Beijbom began when Carl-Axel Beijbom, who ran the family farm… Read More

  • Fred Leyman (1919-2004)

    Fred Leyman was a Swedish artist, schooled at the renowned Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg during the 1950s. Leyman worked in a… Read More

  • Poul Havgaard (1936 – 2011)

    Poul Havgaard joined Lapponia, the Finnish jewelry maker founded by Björn Weckström and Pekka Anttila, in 1971. Before this he… Read More

  • Anna-Lisa Thomson (1905-1952)

    The artist Anna-Lisa Thomson is best known for her stoneware and earthenware for Uppsala-Ekeby where she worked from the mid 1930s until… Read More

  • Pierre Forssell (1925-2004)

    Pierre Forssell was an acclaimed industrial designer who designed cutlery and cookware, for among others Gense, before joining the distinguished brass foundry… Read More

  • Björn Weckström (1935- )

    The Finnish sculptor Björn Weckström is one of Scandinavia’s best known jewelry designers. In 1956 he graduated as a trained… Read More

  • Hans Hansen (firm) 1906-1992

    Furniture-making and silverware were the greatest assets when Danish design was launched on the international scene after World War II…. Read More

  • Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983)

    Vicke Lindstrand was one of Sweden’s most influential glass artists, with a long, fruitful career where he set the tone… Read More

  • Claës Giertta (1921-2007)

    Claës Giertta was among the foremost Swedish silversmiths of the 1950s and onwards, breaking new ground in fine jewelry making… Read More

  • Jorma Laine (1930—2002)

    Jorma Laine was one of the most unique voices in the history of Scandinavian jewelry, and is considered one of… Read More

  • Wiwen Nilsson (1897—1974)

    Wiwen Nilsson was one of the most celebrated and influential silversmiths of his time. He was the son of silversmith Anders Nilsson… Read More

  • Hans Bergström (1910—1996)

    Hans Bergström was the owner and creative director of the lighting firm Ateljé Lyktan, which he founded in Åhus in the early… Read More

  • Alf Svensson (1923—1992)

    Alf Svensson was creative director at Bergboms, which was a successful Swedish lighting firm which manufactured both own designs and… Read More

  • Elias Svedberg (1913—1987)

    Elias Svedberg was an architect and designer with a long career at NK, starting in the mid-1940s when he and… Read More

  • Sven Staaf

    Sven Staaf was originally from Stockholm and worked there as an architect for some years before moving to Helsingborg in… Read More

  • Otto Schulz (1882—1970)

    Otto Schulz was a furniture designer, interior designer, editor and owner of the renowned furniture and interior decoration firm BOET,… Read More

  • Oscar Nilsson

    Oscar Nilsson was an architect contemporary of Carl Malmsten and Axel Einar Hjorth, designing exclusive modern furniture and interiors for… Read More

  • John Kandell (1925—1991)

    John Kandell is perhaps best known for his long and fruitful collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Källemo, resulting in iconic… Read More

  • Bertil Brisborg (1910—1993)

    Bertil Brisborg was chief architect at the Lighting department at NK for more than 30 years. NK was the most influential,… Read More

  • Bergboms (firm)

    Bergboms was a prominent Swedish lighting firm which manufactured both own designs and those of international designers such as Bernard Schottlander and… Read More

  • Liisa Vitali (1918—1987)

    Liisa Vitali is one of Finland’s most important goldsmiths, whose progressive and sensual approach to jewelry making strongly contributed to… Read More

  • Carl-Axel Acking (1910—2003)

    Carl-Axel Acking was a Swedish architect, furniture designer and professor of design at the University of Lund. He started his career as… Read More