• Anna Petrus (1886-1949)

    Anna Petrus was a Swedish sculptor, industrial designer and dancer with a unique, powerful artistic expression, renowned for her designs for Svenskt Tenn.

  • Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)

    Gunnar Nylund was one of the most influential ceramicists and designers of the Swedish mid-century period. He was Rörstrand’s creative leader from 1931 until 1949 and as such propelled the artistic work at the factory and served as mentor to younger artists, among them Carl-Harry Stålhane and Hertha Bengtsson.

  • Carl-Harry Stålhane (1920-1990)

    Carl-Harry Stålhane was one of the stars among Swedish ceramic artists during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, whose designs are just as highly… Read More

  • Sylvia Stave (1908-1994)

    Sylvia Stave is a most interesting representative of Swedish mid-century design with her immaculate, sober designs that lead her to become… Read More

  • Ingeborg Lundin (1921-1992)

    Ingeborg Lundin was a Swedish glass artist, whose 1950s and 1960s designs are among the most influential of that era. Lundin got her education… Read More

  • Ibe Dahlquist (1924-1996)

    Inga-Britt “Ibe” Dahlquist is one of Sweden’s most interesting modernist silversmiths, originally from the island of Gotland.  She had her breakthrough… Read More

  • Carl-Axel Beijbom (1909-1971)

    The story of the striking elmwood tables from C. A. Beijbom began when Carl-Axel Beijbom, who ran the family farm Simlingegården in the south of Sweden, found an elmwood plank in the attic in the early 1960s. It was unusually beautiful and inspired Carl-Axel Beijbom, an artist at heart with an eye for beautiful and interesting objects, to make it into a table top.

  • Fred Leyman (1919-2004)

    Fred Leyman was a Swedish artist, schooled at the renowned Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg during the 1950s. Leyman worked in a distinctly modernist style influenced by the international modernist movement, music, political ideas, and the environment in which he lived.

  • Poul Havgaard (1936 – 2011)

    At Lapponia, his designs continued in the company’s tradition of bold, sculptural pieces, but with an added crudeness to the finish…

  • Anna-Lisa Thomson (1905-1952)

    The artist Anna-Lisa Thomson is best known for her stoneware and earthenware for Uppsala-Ekeby where she worked from the mid 1930s until her untimely death in 1952.

  • Pierre Forssell (1925-2004)

    Pierre Forssell was an acclaimed industrial designer who produced successful series of cutlery and cookware before joining the distinguished brass foundry of Skultuna as creative director in the early 1950s.

  • Björn Weckström (1935- )

    The Finnish sculptor Björn Weckström is one of Scandinavia’s best known jewelry designers. In 1956 he graduated as a trained… Read More

  • Hans Hansen (firm) 1906-1992

    Hans Hansen founded his studio in silversmith-town Kolding in 1906. Initially they made only flatware, but in the 1930s the firm begun to make sleek, modernist silver jewelry under the direction of Hans Hansen’s son, Karl Gustav Hansen.

  • Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983)

    Vicke Lindstrand is one of Sweden’s most influential glass artists, with a long, fruitful career where he set the tone of the style and quality of Swedish glass production over many decades.

  • Claës Giertta (1921-2007)

    Claës Giertta was among the foremost Swedish silversmiths of the 1950s and onwards, breaking new ground in fine jewelry making and producing high quality jewelry.

  • Jorma Laine (1930—2002)

    Jorma Laine was one of the most unique voices in the history of Scandinavian jewelry, and is considered one of the most interesting Nordic silversmiths of the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Wiwen Nilsson (1897—1974)

    Wiwen Nilsson was one of the most celebrated and influential silversmiths of his time. He was the son of silversmith Anders Nilsson and started his career working for his father. He debuted at the Gothenburg Exhibition of 1923 with a very strict, graphic coffee set which was met with very bad reviews.

  • Hans Bergström (1910—1996)

    The architect Hans Bergström founded the lighting firm Ateljé Lyktan in Åhus in the early 1930s and acted as its creative director for three decades while simultaneously freelancing as a designer for among others ASEA.

  • Alf Svensson (1923—1992)

    Alf Svensson was creative director at Bergboms, which was a successful Swedish lighting firm which manufactured both own designs and – thanks to Svensson’s international connections – those of international designers such as Greta Grossman and Edward Wormley.

  • Elias Svedberg (1913—1987)

    Elias Svedberg was an architect and designer with a long career at NK, starting in the mid-1940s when he and Lena Larsson started developing the very successful “Triva” concept, consisting of quality furniture that was sold in flat packages and assembled by the customer – a concept that spanned decades and was a forerunner to other successful businesses picking up on the idea.

  • Sven Staaf

    Sven Staaf was originally from Stockholm and worked there as an architect for some years before moving to Helsingborg in southern Sweden where he established his own firm, Almgren & Staaf.

  • Otto Schulz (1882—1970)

    Otto Schulz was a furniture designer, interior designer, editor and owner of the renowned furniture and interior decoration firm BOET, which he started in Gothenburg in 1920s and ran for 30 years.

  • Oscar Nilsson

    Oscar Nilsson was an architect contemporary of Carl Malmsten and Axel Einar Hjort, designing exclusive modern furniture and interiors for NK, Bodafors and the coalition of master cabinet makers Stockholms stads hantverksförening…

  • John Kandell (1925—1991)

    John Kandell is perhaps best known for his long and fruitful collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Källemo, resulting in iconic designs such as the “Pilaster” shelf. However, Kandell began his career in the 1940s working as a drawer for the architect Carl-Axel Acking.

  • Bertil Brisborg (1910—1993)

    Bertil Brisborg was chief architect for more than 30 years at the Lighting department at NK, which was the most influential, innovative and trend setting interior and design store in Sweden at the time.

  • Bergboms (firm)

    Bergboms was a prominent midcentury Swedish lighting firm that manufactured both own designs and those of international designers..

  • Liisa Vitali (1918—1987)

    Liisa Vitali is one of Finland’s most important silversmiths, whose progressive and sensual approach to jewelry making strongly contributed to Finnish jewelry becoming greatly appreciated worldwide in the 1960s and 1970s. Vitali is best known for her beautiful ”Ladybird” and ”Lace” series.

  • Carl-Axel Acking (1910—2003)

    Carl-Axel Acking was a modernist architect, interior and furniture designer who brought the spirit of “architecture for all” of his early employer, the influential KF architect firm, with him throughout his work life.