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“Leda and the Swan” sculpture by Stig Lindberg

35.000,00 kr

Stunning stoneware sculpture by Stig Lindberg, narrating the mythological story of Queen Leda and the Swan. Beautiful attention to detail and expressiveness in Leda’s face, flowing hair and posture.

The sculpture was made in Gustavsberg’s Studio Handen in the 1940s, as one of the exclusive designs that is typical of that period. “Leda and the Swan” exemplifies Stig Lindberg’s playful use of classic themes in his modernist designs, expressed in a light and dreamy way.

Designer: Stig Lindberg
Maker: Gustavsberg
Year: 1940s
Country: Sweden
Condition: Excellent
Size: Height 34 cm, Width 26.5 cm, Depth 19 cm


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