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“Farsta” vase by Wilhelm Kåge

49.000,00 kr

“Farsta” vase by Wilhelm Kåge in a plump, tapering form. Graphic decor, elevated on unglazed feet.

“Farsta” stoneware is recognized as being the best and most exclusive that has come out of Swedish arts and crafts. The series represents the pinnacle of Wilhelm Kåge’s artistry, expressing the full width of his creativity and skill. It dates from the 1920s, when Kåge started experimenting with a new stoneware technique that he named “Farsta” after the location of the Gustavsberg factory, Farstalandet. He kept working with the series into the 1950s, creating different “Farsta” families with various shapes and glazes. The shared characteristics are the heavy-set solid designs and contrast between glazed and unglazed areas, as well as forceful glazes and irregularities. The pieces were cast rather than thrown and unlike stoneware from other series, Kåge most often worked and glazed the “Farsta” pieces himself. The production was small and the stoneware was sold as exclusive gifts and to  museums and collectors. “Farsta” is held in equal esteem today.

Designer: Wilhelm Kåge
Maker: Gustavsberg
Year: 1940s
Country: Sweden
Condition: Very good vintage condition consistent with age and use
Size: Height 15 cm, Diameter 11 cm


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