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Metal sculpture by Fred Leyman

29.000,00 kr

Black painted steel sculpture by Fred Leyman, with a very forceful expression. It is dedicated to the worker’s of Gothenburg with cubes inspired by cobblestones shooting out from the body. Pine base.

Designer: Fred Leyman
Maker: Fred Leyman
Year: 1960s
Country: Sweden
Condition: Excellent
Size: Height 69 cm, Width 69 cm, Depth 34 cm

More about the item

Fred Leyman was a Swedish artist, schooled at the renowned Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg during the 1950s. Leyman worked in a distinctly modernist style influenced by the international modernist movement, music, political ideas and the environment in which he lived. He is best known for his around 40 large-scale sculptures erected in public spaces in Gothenburg and other parts of southwestern Sweden.

Leyman worked with steel and iron, materials that were particularly suitable for large and sustainable sculptures and making public works was a substantail part of his career. However he also created many small-scale sculptures in the same, yet distilled, style of his large works. Nordlings is proud to introduce a collection of Fred Leyman sculptures made for interiors and private homes. The sculptures originate from Leyman’s estate and have never previously been available on the market.


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