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Bronze necklace from the “Flame Bronze” series, patinated in metallic colors, by silversmith Björn Weckström. Striking combination of industrial-looking details at the top of the pendant and the unfolding bare, organic shape.

“Flame Bronze” is Weckström’s only bronze jewelry series, and was only produced for a very short time. The spray-painted metallic purple patina is a unique approach to Finnish bronze jewellery, exclusive to Weckström’s bronze pieces. The difficulty in making the patina made the jewelry series a short lived one, however.

Designer: Björn Weckström
Maker: Lapponia
Year: 1970s
Country: Finland
Condition: Very good vintage condition with wear consistent with age and use
Size: Width Chain 680 mm, pendant 80 mm

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More about the product

The Finnish modernist Björn Weckström is one of the late 20th centuries most influential silversmiths. His exploration of the organic landscapes of northern Finland, combined with outer space as a main inspiration, were groundbreaking and jettisoned him to world-wide acclaim.


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