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Adorable chest of drawers by Otto Schulz, made from wood with green vinyl top and sides. Front framed by decorative nails, wooden tassels for drawer handles. Neat size.

Designer: Otto Schulz
Maker: Boet
Year: 1940s
Country: Sweden
Condition: Very good vintage condition consistent with age and use
Size: Height 70.5 cm, Width 60 cm, Depth 38 cm


More about the item

Otto Schulz was a furniture designer, interior designer, editor and owner of the renowned furniture and interior decoration firm BOET, which he started in Gothenburg in 1920s and ran for 30 years. BOET was an inspiration centre as much as a store. Schulz also gave out an interior decoration magazine with the same name, aiming to inspire readers in every aspect of interior design. BOET magazine was the most influential periodical on interior design in Sweden at the time, featuring reviews by high-profile designers and architects.

Schulz’s furniture was very modern – and at the same time often inspired by older styles such as late baroque. His design was so original that he even patented some of his techniques. Among them the usage of decorative nails as part of the design, a technique that was named “Bopoint”.


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