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Elegant brass table lamp by Hans Bergström, with a large shade. Shade perforated with tiny holes around the top, creating a warm glow. Mahogany handle with embossed stripes.

Designer: Hans Bergström
Maker: Ateljé Lyktan
Year: 1950s
Country: Sweden
Condition: Very good vintage condition consistent with age and use
Size: Height 53 cm, Diameter 44.5 cm


More about the item

Hans Bergström was the owner and creative director of the lighting firm Ateljé Lyktan, which he founded in Åhus in the early 1930s. He ran Ateljé Lyktan for three decades while simultaneously freelancing as a designer for among others ASEA. Bergström created amazing lighting in various models, many of which were serially produced. With his artistic ambition to innovate and evolve, he cultivated his designs over time and slight variations (experiments, improvements) can be seen in models which are basically the same but produced during different periods. His small firm was renowned for the poetic beauty and high quality of its products and he was the favorite lighting designer of fellow architects, among them Bruno Mathsson. Throughout his career Bergström accomplished many important interior design projects and gained several prestigious awards for his work, such as the Gold Medal at the Milano Biennale in 1950.


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